Enjoy your wedding in Antiparos

Ostria. A venue for a dream wedding.

Ostria Villa is the perfect place for a happy day like your wedding day! It has large terraces with wonderful sea views, a large garden with lawn.

You have the ability to explore many options for setting up a wedding reception. There is plenty of space to set up a catering, orchestra and bar. There is room for at least 300 people in the lawn area.

On the estate there are still 3 smaller villas that can accommodate relatives and friends. There is still a large parking space.

Ask us for more information. We will provide you with whatever help we can!

Weddings at Anatoli Antiparos

If you are looking for a unique venue for your wedding in Antiparos, Anatoli's Ostra Villa is the ideal place for you for your wedding day!




Ostria Villa

An amazing villa for amazing holidays in Antiparos.

Feel free to explore it!

Ostria - Anatoli Antiparos